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Photo sharing is a thing we want to do. We are giving Pixelfed a try.


Photo sharing is for everyone. Whether it is brag shots of the (grand)baby, obsessing about fashion, cats, or documenting police brutality, a platform to publish photos to the online world is huge.


Just as you might expect, the Fediverse is pretty much the perfect platform. It leverages the idea of sharing across a huge range of social media, so people who are informally building online communities, bloggers, and tooters can all find and follow your feed of photos.

1909-1910 Rhine school class

The Pixelfed platform is one several which put the power and control in the creator's hands, without demanding any rights to your works. You decide who may see them and share them - or not. You have the right to leave, and to be forgotten. Oh, and like everything else here in our family of websites, there is no advertising or cost to you, and you will not be spied on.


Our instance of Pixelfed is just an experiment. We do not know if it really quite meets our needs. We are looking for an option which will let us put the entire family photo collection online in a collection of galleries which are private, as well as an option for sharing more-public pictures à la Instagram. We may need two different tools.