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oh, right, the outage…

So, after that last blog entry, and for a couple of reasons not least of which being the Sysadmin internal nagging, I abandoned the boat on the other side of the border, got the necessary medical tests, and came home to my personal panopticon.

That was 6 days ago.

Re-starting the reverse proxy was not as big a challenge as I had feared. The bigger problem turned out to be the network's Pi-Hole. That is a very sweet tool which protects everyone using our network from a wide range of malware and spyware, and incidentally also reduces ads while browsing the web. Unfortunately, it now has a wobble. I will need to do a re-install because currently the DNS server is occasionally locking up for unknown reasons.

Another issue was the Family tree site, which somehow lost its permanent IP address. So the proxy server was getting timeouts because there was no server at the address it was using. A bit embarrassing.

Now I need to replace the battery in my UPS, and rewrite some of startup scripts so recovery is a bit more graceful, but basically things are running again and slightly less likely to fail if we have another power outage. I just forgot to write it up here.