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Mental and physical maintenance.


As part of my recovery program, I have assigned myself a daily walk.

Week 1

The project has not gotten off to a great start. I have managed only 3 days of the full one hour of brisk walking; the days in between have been very short walks, perhaps 10 or 20 minutes of not really very brisk strolling to the store and about the neighbourhood.

Even so, I was pleasantly surprised to have lost 2-2.5 kg as of this morning. Weight loss was not part of the plan. Usually when I have had a sustained increase in physical activity I actually gain weight. But perhaps this is just the start-up water loss.

My longer walks have been crossing Spirit provincial park west to east and then back again. The trail is very nice, without particularly steep sections, so I try to walk as fast as I can on the way out, then slow to a comfortable pace on the way back. Hiking through the woods is lovely, but the trails are as busy as a shopping mall with people walking their dogs, families getting the kids out of the house, and people like me trying to get some physical training in. Plus a few lovers and dreamers, usually wandering around with their heads down glued to their phone screens.

Except when it is raining. Then the trails are reasonably quiet, and I can dare to take my mask off.