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Distro hopping

Looking at/for a OS is a bit like picking out clothes.


Every so often I get tired of my computer environment; I need a change, something new and exciting, or maybe not. I just need change.

Different hardware

Last summer I managed to kill my beautiful Librem 13 box. They are, apparently, insufficiently water proof for use on a sailboat.

My fall-back device (I always have a fall-back, even if they are completely unreasonable. Like a Raspberry Pi connected to an old TV) is a 2013 Macbook Air. This has been a rock-solid device, but… it is 7 years old going on 8. Some of the other devices to which I have access have not aged as well.

Different OS

I have been test-driving several flavours of Linux on the Macbook. Thus far they all work, but some require more tweaking than I want to do to get them ready for daily driving.

  • MacOS is everything expensive and pretty. And condescending. I downgraded the OS far enough to be able to have uBlock Origin running in Safari. Of all things Apple has done, preventing the use of content blockers was my final straw. I own my hardware and everything on it, not some megacorp.
  • TAILS is lovely, and feels pretty quick/light on this box. But not sure it is reasonably able to hook up to my cloud to provide the storage; something for me to explore.
  • PureOS is PureOS. It is a large leap up from Debian while actually being freer. And it has a ton of stupidities to meet some artificial concept of 'freer'. E.g. it cannot install Tor Browser. Working around the OS to install software is something I expect from Apple, not Purism.
  • MX Linux is surprisingly comfy, and of course conky provides a heavy hand of fun nerdiness to play with. Other than having to get my hands dirty modding the USB to suit my needs, this is probably the best choice.


I am sure there are other gems I should be testing out. Hoping to get a BSD distro running via USB! I am budgeting (a teeny tiny bit) toward new hardware purchase, but it is not going to happen for about a year. That being the case, I will keep trying out new things. Send me suggestions !