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Our instance of Webtrees, a self-hosted genealogy on the web service.


Genealogy on the web

Are we related? Yes, yes we are. We just do not know exactly how, yet.

We maintain an instance of Webtrees. This software allows sharing a GEDCOM on the internet in a privacy-respecting way, but also – unlike most of the commercial genealogy-on-the-web services – it allows more than one person to work on the same file. Which is great! we can invite all our family and friends to work on our family tree, share photos and document files.

Or we can host other people's family trees, and they can invite their friends and family to work on it. And they can share their files and resources with each other and not with us. And send the url to their family tree to others to come see.

Our family tree is only a beginning. Maybe you can find one of your ancestors there (the privacy settings are pretty high, so you will not be able to find yourself unless you are logged in.) You can request an account via the software.