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We have several services related to e-mail. You may want to use one or another of them.

E-mail is becoming less useful. As online communications shatter, and corporations host your e-mail in order to see what you are thinking, and e-mail is an ever-succesful platform for exploiting and scamming, who needs it?

Still, it can be handy. So here are a small number of e-mail related tools which we host:

E-mail accounts

In theory, for every domain we own we can provide addresses. In practice life is a bit more complicated. If you know which of our domains you would like as a home domain, talk to us. We can probably work something out. and addresses, however, are easy (and probably come with some perks of which you were not aware.)


The idea of e-mail via a website is to have an e-mail client available to you when you are not using your normal internet device. Just like your normal e-mail client, you can connect more than one e-mail address to a webmail. We have two webmail platforms, both of which require pre-approval for logins.

  • Nextcloud Mail App - requires a cloud account, and your own e-mail address.
  • Roundcube Webmail app - requires a Barrir SSO account, which comes with a free e-mail address.