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A small site for a small family


We have a Nextcloud instance. If you are family and degooglifying, ask for an account!


We maintain a private cloud for our family and friends.

If you, like us, are de-googlifying your lives, but do not want to lose all the conveniences the company used to provide, consider contacting us about getting a free account. Here are a few of the tools it currently provides:

Synchronisation Applications Misc
  • Calendar
  • Contacts
  • Files
  • Photos (instantly from your phone!)
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • RSS/Atom feed aggregator
  • Webmail
  • Photo galleries/share
  • Maps!
  • Music (including AMP streamer)
  • Deck (Kanban-style)
  • Dropbox/file sharing
    • Federated share
  • Groups/teams
  • Media streaming - play (most) music and video files within the file browser.
  • Cookbook
  • Versions/Recovery - previous versions of a file are saved, as are deleted files, until your storage quota is used up, then permanently deleted on an oldest-first basis.

The cloud is constantly evolving, gaining new functionality and pruning others.