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Chat services

Being able to communicate over the internet in real time is one of the huge pluses. Being able to do it via our own servers, in a privacy-respecting manner is even better. We have a few working, and few non-working, ways to do this.


Jitsi logo

The meeting software we operate is fully featured, even more than Zoom – everything is end-to-end encrypted. It works on any platform, on any device, via a web interface or a dedicated client.

Our instance of the Jitsi-Meet server is a 'closed' one - you must have a host account (via our site admin) to create a new meeting. A guest may join any existing meeting. Hosts are encouraged to use meeting passwords to limit meeting bombing.

There is room for future expansion. We may be adding the ability to call in to a meeting via phone, and possibly other VOIP-related abilities as we learn how to take advantage of this great opensource project.

Whether it is a quick phone call to check in with your folks, or a virtual party during the pandemic, this is probably the best tool for the job.


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The open protocol used to be called Jabber. It underlies a lot of other internet technologies ranging from online gaming to WebRTC, and is a fundamental element of Google's Android. It is a way to push notifications across platforms and devices.

Which means it is great for all three mediums of chat.

This service does require a pre-approved account, and either a web-based or device-based client. We do not (yet) have a browser client.

Web clients

Desktop clients

Mobile clients

More clients may be discovered via the XMPP site.