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A 5.6 km / 3.5 mile walk to start a new daily habit.


My plot is to take a daily walk. Not necessarily far, not necessarily with a destination in mind.

A lovely day

Smugging about weather.

Today the sun was bright, the trees on our street were afire with color.

I mention this, in part, because back where we lived in the states they got several inches of wet and sloppy snow, and another wave of the white stuff is predicted be falling, oh, any hour now. Which, as they say, has a silver lining: the mosquitos are probably done for the year.

Okay, it is fair to say that a lovely clear day in October is remarkable for its rarity. An autumn where the leaves twizzle down from the trees to land with a dry hiss, and walking the sidewalks through whispering crunchiness is a sensory experience, rather than leaves being beaten to the ground with a wet plop and walking an exercise of squishiness, mostly unknown in Vancouver.

Seeing the sky at all at this time of the year, or until well into Spring, is a blessing of sorts.

But even rain and overcast beats snow.

And then we moved again…

An origin story of sorts

I know, I know, server instability ≠ good things.

But frustrations regarding certificates led to trying a (much more expensive) solution. And it is pretty slick, in practice.

Re-assessment:Old skool

  • Server is up and running, on a VPS outside my physical control.
  • It is provisioned with necessary certs.
  • Other webservices are also operating normally.

Now I just need to re-do all the styling and theming on which I spent the past couple weeks. Create the static pages for family services. Then begin working through the rest of the cards in the Server deck.

Piece of cake.