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Everyone loves to communicate. And synchronous communication rules – whether text, voice, or video. Now we have our own server, so we can add private to our online communication.

ISP notes: Telus

What to do about crap internet service when your choices are crap or different crap.


I signed up for a Telus Business account, primarily to have fixed IPs  to the house. I had an emergency issue resulting in downtime. I filed a ticket for service. 12 days later they left me a single voicemail.

Distro hopping

Looking at/for a OS is a bit like picking out clothes.


Every so often I get tired of my computer environment; I need a change, something new and exciting, or maybe not. I just need change.

The Government of the USA is Torturing Children

The AAP have determined the US government is torturing children, and call on child health professionals to act to stop child torture at all levels.


This is the conclusion of physicians writing a position paper for the American Academy of Pediatricians. US Custom and Border Protection involved in the ongoing practice of family separation and deportation meet international standards of torture, illegal under treaties the USA has ratified.

Insomniac entry 1

Late night at the kbd


Mind you, middle of the night keyboarding sessions because I woke up and cannot fall back to sleep are… not at all unusual.