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Road removal, walk-about


Such noise!

Yesterday we were notified the road repairs were delayed/called off. Today they were outside our windows in force. So much backing up, roaring surface remover, leaf blowers as they tried to prevent even one leaf being permanently preserved between layers of asphalt, and the many varieties of sweepers, brushers, and vacuums running up and down attempting to remove every last loose stone and pile of ground street.


The walk today was limited to the nearest neighborhood, a few blocks back and forth to the stores. We tried Virtuous Pie for the first time today. The verdict? we will do it again. Neither of us were entirely sold on the cashew-based cheese, but the flavour of the Forager (mushroom/sausage which reminded me of the flavours of Chasse in Geneva) and Stranger Wings (think Buffalo sauced fried cauliflower) were both very good. The crust was not the highlight, but each had a great sauce base.