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Nextcloud news

Some recent updates and additions to our Nextcloud instance

#Nextcloud is a massively important tool in my life, and a few of our family members as well. And the past few months have seen a lot of new functionality and two recent upgrades; time to explain some of the shiny bits.

Pixelfed redux

The Pixelfed experiment failed.

Twenty-four hours or so of testing and researching, and the one thing a photo-sharing site needs turns out to be missing. Sharing with the internet.


Photo sharing is a thing we want to do. We are giving Pixelfed a try.


Photo sharing is for everyone. Whether it is brag shots of the (grand)baby, obsessing about fashion, cats, or documenting police brutality, a platform to publish photos to the online world is huge.

Issues and workarounds

Our pastey works, but some people may not be able to read what you saved.


One of the services we host is a form of 'paste bin' - a place you can quickly paste some text you'd like to share with someone online, and get a unique url to send to them. Ours is extremely privacy-respecting, but we just discovered a lack-of-convenience issue.


Mental and physical maintenance.


As part of my recovery program, I have assigned myself a daily walk.