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oh, right, the outage…

So, after that last blog entry, and for a couple of reasons not least of which being the Sysadmin internal nagging, I abandoned the boat on the other side of the border, got the necessary medical tests, and came home to my personal panopticon.


Server outage

Ah, the joys of self-hosting at home. A tree fell on a power line. The ensuing power outage lasted longer than my backup power supply. Servers fell down, went boom.


Pi-Hole is a tool we have added to our network to improve security and control online.


Our home network is not something we can share with family except when they are visiting. But, when they do, we have the cutest, tiniest, little device making their internet experience just a little bit nicer, a little bit faster.

New mail server

A pre-announcement of a service upgrade being prepared.


We are always keeping an ear out for new tools, additional tools, which might be useful for family members. One which is popular is a complete e-mail package, including spam scanning, anti-spoofing, webmail and support for mobile and desktop clients.

Nextcloud news

Some recent updates and additions to our Nextcloud instance

#Nextcloud is a massively important tool in my life, and a few of our family members as well. And the past few months have seen a lot of new functionality and two recent upgrades; time to explain some of the shiny bits.