OSM WordPress

I have this minor annoyance: I want to know what has changed before I upgrade things. OSM WordPress plugin has decided I cannot know what has changed unless I visit xyr website. That website attempts to digitally fingerprint my browser, use trackers, and display advertisements which may contain malware.

I am now a couple versions behind current. It is time to find a replacement tool which uses OpenStreetMap.

Every so often…

Image from 1906 of statue, fallen from building, with head embedded in terrace.

…life needs a bit of a shake up.

So, with a bit of effort we have recovered almost everything from the server – everything except the little blog which was serving as the occasional brain dump of ideas and thoughts, rants, and vaguely philosophical musings.

Which is still stored on the disc, it is just I feel little motivation for the effort of digging through and restoring the wordpress backup. One, maybe two of the articles were interesting enough to save. It is easier, from this remove, to think of them as ephemera, however eidetic the internetverse may be feeling as regards my humble droppings.

Anyway, we have a new OS, one or two of the sites are nearly new, one or two additional scripts have been wedged onto a server which is already somewhat over-blessed with content and service apps. There are new device apps available to maximize some of these – for nextCloud, Piwigo (clients for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS…), WordPress…

We have several projects in beta testing, including media streaming, an unlimited/private webmail service, and distributed social networking. And we would like to hear from you regarding these and a possible forum-style site – if you are interested – and any other service you think our family/friends might need or use.

2013-10-14: Ever have one of those months?

(Originally published 14 October 2013)

Every now and then we want to take a step back, reset, start something over again, as though you were beginning anew. A clean slate. Computer people, who tweak their systems and setups, have these golden opportunities oftener than less-inquisitive folks. Usually introduced by the sound of “Oh, fff…” coming from the vicinity of the keyboard.

So, this is my third go-’round with WordPress, and each #fail was due to me trying to do something cool/unique/probably stupid. I’m just a better idiot, apparently.

Anyway, here we go again. I’ll be trying to recover previous articles from the database backups (yay! geekiness saves the day!) over the next few days.

But I’ll probably end up trying to tweak it again eventually.