London Pottery 2 cup Farmhouse teapot with filter.

The word souvenir[WT] comes from Français, but with a twist. French, itself, borrowed subvenio[WT] from Latin, meaning something akin to “bring to mind,  come up with.” In English it usually means “a memento of sentimental value, an aid in remembering.” Continue reading “Souvenir”

Les travaux

Last-minute reprieve of the exceptionally unpleasant probabilities of working from nb4, the second-oldest of mes portables. Which means I have a reasonable computer, so I must work during the flight, and every evening.

And now I must quickly finish packing, call a cab, and get to the airport to spend the next four days mostly driving and sleeping at cheesy motels. Yay. Such a glamorous life.

Reminder to self: take pictures.