Australia warning

I finally got around to examining the arguments around Australia’s recently passed “Access and Assistance” law. You must stop doing anything with anyone in Australia.

Anyone doing any form of business with Australia must now cooperate in breaking any form of privacy if the police ask them to do so, with no initial recourse. Continue reading “Australia warning”

Minor rant

This is becoming so ubiquitous, and continuous, that it is hard to maintain the appropriate sense of outrage.

Apple appears to have been hacked. Not in the usual sense. Apple’s integration with third-parties has been exploited, and a group claiming to have gained millions of iPhone access data is trying to blackmail the corporation. Apple, predictably, is acting rather blasé about the whole thing, but has pushed a security update fully integrating iCloud with 2FA. (For those of you with iPhones, some news groups have confirmed the TCF does have real data. You should probably modify your passwords/e-mails used with your Apple account.)

The update now has my OS asking that I give them a phone number so they can track me, ostensibly to protect me from being hacked, my iCloud wiped, whatever. On their explanation page they then immediately show me how any hacker smart enough to successfully attack my device can do the exact same thing to their 2FA system. They can now even use my device to make it easier.

So… this is better how?

Oh yeah, it is better for Apple because they will be able to spy on me to sell me planned obsolescent products, or sell data about me to advertisers and marketers.

So, better, but not better for me.