Life tools: Exodus

We all know we are being spied on.

The surveillance economy cuts you up and sells you in pieces to anyone able to pony up enough cash. The Koch brothers have bought dossiers on nearly every legal voter in the USA, which they use to manipulate elections in the country. The data which drives i360, Data Trust, and Cambridge Analytica is as likely or more likely collected – not only on Facebook, Youtube, or other social media platform – but on your personal devices.

But you can spy on the spies. Continue reading “Life tools: Exodus”

Australia warning

I finally got around to examining the arguments around Australia’s recently passed “Access and Assistance” law. You must stop doing anything with anyone in Australia.

Anyone doing any form of business with Australia must now cooperate in breaking any form of privacy if the police ask them to do so, with no initial recourse. Continue reading “Australia warning”

Every so often…

Image from 1906 of statue, fallen from building, with head embedded in terrace.

…life needs a bit of a shake up.

So, with a bit of effort we have recovered almost everything from the server – everything except the little blog which was serving as the occasional brain dump of ideas and thoughts, rants, and vaguely philosophical musings.

Which is still stored on the disc, it is just I feel little motivation for the effort of digging through and restoring the wordpress backup. One, maybe two of the articles were interesting enough to save. It is easier, from this remove, to think of them as ephemera, however eidetic the internetverse may be feeling as regards my humble droppings.

Anyway, we have a new OS, one or two of the sites are nearly new, one or two additional scripts have been wedged onto a server which is already somewhat over-blessed with content and service apps. There are new device apps available to maximize some of these – for nextCloud, Piwigo (clients for Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, iOS…), WordPress…

We have several projects in beta testing, including media streaming, an unlimited/private webmail service, and distributed social networking. And we would like to hear from you regarding these and a possible forum-style site – if you are interested – and any other service you think our family/friends might need or use.