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Searching for Louise Rivet

Microfilm image of hand-written registry.
Drouin collection, Joliette, St-Melanie, 1843, feuillet 14.

Timothee Neveu[G] married Emerentienne Tessier[G] on 21 November 1843, and they are the great-x5-grandparents of my children. Which is pretty cool.

But Emerentienne was not Timothee’s first wife. In the marriage record written by the priest R. Robert he is listed as ‘veuf majeur’, a phrase whose meaning is… obscure, of Louise Rivet[G]. Continue reading “Searching for Louise Rivet”

Jean Guyon, Sieur du Buisson, 1592-1663, saviour of western civilization

Jean Guyon[G, en.WP] is one of those historic figures you do not hear much about. He was a master mason, accomplished some works which still exist today (not a small freat), immigrated to Nouvelle-France[fr.WP].

But his primary contribution to history was fathering 10 children, of whom 8 produced another generation. Continue reading “Jean Guyon, Sieur du Buisson, 1592-1663, saviour of western civilization”

Long and involved rabbit holes

A color illustration of a king on a throne
The Coronation of Hugues Capet (941-996), 988. Miniature from a manuscript of the 13th or 14th century. B.N., Paris, France

A fellow amateur genealogist shared a link to a ‘sketch’ family tree, including one of our prominent family lines – the Cartier ancestry, which has particular interest for me. But what caught my eye was the date of the earliest death, 966 CE. Continue reading “Long and involved rabbit holes”