Scene change

When I first started coding *anything*, it was generally a team event with a lot of giggling and pimply-faced nerd humour, and the noise of the teletype hammering away. Later it was a solo affair with milk-crates loaded with cassettes providing a progressively stranger and louder mix of music, emphasis on strange. Slowly the lights and people and noise and stuph have been paring away – now even the quiet jazz is too distracting, and I miss my pre-dawn sessions before crawling into bed to ignore the normal humans.

Picking up threads…

icon for code development

Recently returned from a two-week roadtrip, and I am totally confused by the pile of notes I left myself regarding the (several!) coding projects I had left open in as many workspaces. It is hard to pick up where you left off, all the things you had been thinking about, the connections and leaps of logic; there is no easy way to reset that.