Une promenade dans le jardin botanique

[This entry was originally published 16 Septembre 2013]

Flowers, shrubbery, and trees under a low cloudy sky, with the misty mountains as a backdrop. Copyright © 2013 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc

The day began with light rain, built up to steady, then took a break around morning tea when we thought, briefly, we’d take a quick walk somewhere nearby, then fell back into showers off and on until noon. Suddenly the clouds looked to be breaking up, a nice breeze sprang up, and the sidewalks looked merely damp with puddles, so we grabbed the camera and a parapluie and went off to someplace near, Les conservatoire et jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genève.

Near the top of the rockeries, in the Swiss Alps section, I found a cluster of these little beauties. Now I want a better camera lens for this kind of work. Copyright © 2013 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc

The Garden is, in fact, only a couple blocks from our apartment, but someone is constructing an entire college campus between the two so the actual approach involved a kilometre or more hike to get to an entrance. Then we spent a couple of hours strolling the paths and the rockeries. There is a tropical hothouse, a winter garden hot house (gorgeous structure with a very imperial style,) and hands-on laboratories – most of which we didn’t visit.

But the pictures we took tell the tale: though surrounded by interesting, mostly tagged, collection of trees, shrubs, and flowers almost half our photos are of birds and animals we discovered or were part of the small menagerie maintained by the conservatory. Plus another exceptionally interesting carousel with a distinctly steam-punk sensibility (unfortunately, the brightest period of our tour took place there, casting much of the inanimate device into shadow.)

Then, with more showers threatening, we hurried out the gate – and discovered a pedestrian path through the construction zone to our place, where I made a Sunday afternoon fry-up of fingerling potatoes, mushrooms, sausage, and onions. Then napped. Ah, le weekend ! C’est bon !

A pied de la vieille ville

[This entry was originally published 15 Septembre 2013]

View from the top. Old town is uphill, not prohibitively steep but a breather is helpful at the top. Copyright © 2013 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc

Today’s destination was Cour de Saint Pierre, the courtyard outside Cathédrale St-Pierre[fr][wp], in the vieille ville. All total, according to Google Maps, we walked at least 5.5 km, not including various side trips. Continue reading “A pied de la vieille ville”

Start where you are

The Jet d’Eau, originally a safety valve for hydro electricity generation, now serves no purpose but to be a tourist attraction of considerable beauty. Copyright © 2013 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc

[This entry was originally published 14 Septembre 2013]

One must begin at some point, and I have finally managed to begin setting up this server for documenting the year’s sabbatical, so we will begin here and now. Or, at least, yesterday. Continue reading “Start where you are”