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The goal, when I woke up, was to continue testing Kodachi[O DW], and start building a flac-testing script. Then it was to get a certain set of household chores – put on the back burner too long – accomplished. Then it was to drive someone to work, stop and make a few specific purchases, and then camp out at a coffee shop until time to reverse the peregrinations.

And even that simplified agenda suffered on-the-fly amendments, addenda, modifications… but ultimately I managed to get some of the operating-system stuff done, and a bit of knitting. And some fascinating weather-watching while sitting parked in the car overlooking Burrard Inlet/Indian Arm[map]. Thunder and lightning in Vancouver, BC! no, really, and interspersed with sunshine and rainbows, which was cool.

And we stopped for some take-out Thai food on the way home, discovering a place with a very tasty take on Swimming Rama (spinach and chicken.)

Election fatigue

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United States of America
United Kingdoms and Northern Ireland
Federal Republic of Germany

Last fall I voted in the 2016 US election, which began in earnest in 2014 but there was a lot of speculation and reporting from 2013. Last summer, in addition to the constant noise of the US vote, there was the Brexit referendum[en.WP]. This past weekend saw the final tour of the Presidential election[fr.WP] in France, soon to be followed by a general election[en.WP] in the United Kingdom (June 8th) and Legislative elections[fr.WP] (June 11th and 18th) in France. Even sooner, tomorrow is the Provincial general elections[O en.WP] here in British Columbia, Canada. Later will come the German elections.

I am finding it all a bit too much at the moment.

All these contests are extremely important, and there are many others besides. But for the moment I am feeling just a touch stressed. And I am, slightly, avoiding my usual dealers in newsjunky junk.

But I suspect if there were further movement to impeach Trump on the emoluments clause[AnnCon] I would be on that quicker than… nevermind. Fast.