Time sink tasks

An icon of a rolodex.
A colored Emoji from Noto project, released under Apache license. Via Commons.Wikimedia.Org

There are a few maintenance-type jobs which just seem to take forever. Work that never seems to show progress, or where the progress is erased in a very short time. Dusting, for example, or mowing the lawn.

Or testing the rolodex for lost relationships.

Currently I am, one at a time, sending out e-mail inquiries to those I have addresses for, checking to see if the address is still useful. And maybe creating or reviving certain relationships. Or maybe not.

Digital life is not really any less work; it is just slightly different from so-called real life.


…first arrivals

The first of our house guests is arriving shortly. Of course Vancouver has to have wild weather to greet, tearing the Sakura petals from the trees with wind and rain. Hopefully the flight will land on time despite the wind.

Super excited about this whole thing, the first almost-family-reunion where I am one of the principals. Rather nervous as well, as the house is not up to snuff, imo.