Steeping time is probably a reasonable proxy for focus.

A clear glass cup of strong black tea.
from Commons.Wikimedia.Org

The last several pots have been forgotten on the counter, steeping, for upwards of a half hour as I research and try to get my break-through on this configuration conundrum.

Another proxy may be that I still drink it.

Non-coffee update

So I am more than three months into this no-coffee lifestyle. I am beginning to get the hang of it. Eight ounces of tea leaves (what the heck is up with selling leaves by the ounce, anyway? 225 g) will keep me caffeinated for a month. The small tea pot makes just enough to fill the large latté cup with room for a splash of cream. 3-4 of those a day keep me going.

Australia warning

I finally got around to examining the arguments around Australia’s recently passed “Access and Assistance” law. You must stop doing anything with anyone in Australia.

Anyone doing any form of business with Australia must now cooperate in breaking any form of privacy if the police ask them to do so, with no initial recourse. Continue reading “Australia warning”

An award for extreme geekiness

Transparent trophies are surprisingly difficult to photograph with the text legibly focused. Copyright © 2019 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc.

Elizabeth really and truly did win an award for doing something outrageously intellectual/academic. It is titled the “2019 Robert H. DuRant Award for Statistical Rigor and Innovation in Adolescent Health Research”, which is enough to make one run and hide.

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