Australia warning

I finally got around to examining the arguments around Australia’s recently passed “Access and Assistance” law. You must stop doing anything with anyone in Australia.

Anyone doing any form of business with Australia must now cooperate in breaking any form of privacy if the police ask them to do so, with no initial recourse. Continue reading “Australia warning”

An award for extreme geekiness

Transparent trophies are surprisingly difficult to photograph with the text legibly focused. Copyright © 2019 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc.

Elizabeth really and truly did win an award for doing something outrageously intellectual/academic. It is titled the “2019 Robert H. DuRant Award for Statistical Rigor and Innovation in Adolescent Health Research”, which is enough to make one run and hide.

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London Pottery 2 cup Farmhouse teapot with filter.

The word souvenir[WT] comes from Français, but with a twist. French, itself, borrowed subvenio[WT] from Latin, meaning something akin to “bring to mind,  come up with.” In English it usually means “a memento of sentimental value, an aid in remembering.” Continue reading “Souvenir”

Weather whether

I have been putting off going to the grocery store. Weather, and innate laziness.

Finally broke down to go get some soda pop, meal ingredients, milk… the usual “Not doing monthly groceries, just eeking it out until payday” type grocery shopping. Kind of nice slogging through slushy snow and ice as the temperature is hovering just about the freezing point.

But walking all those blocks back carrying a couple small bags and a 12 pack of cans reminded me I am old, and fat, and too lazy to stay in shape. My arms are on strike.

Venez çà!

This is a cool phrase! just ask me. Roughly speaking, it translates to “come hither”, a rather dated word choice in French. It is also our latest domain, and where we are hosting our url-shortener and paste-bin.

27 Aug 1967 – Ranum family reunion

27 Aug 1967 at the Ranum family reunion. Copyright © 1967 Maynard and Betty Ranum

I believe these were the surviving Grœnlig and Ranum children in 1967, but honestly I can only recognize a couple of them. Can people chime in here to identify everyone? Contact me for unwatermarked higher resolution copy.