So you know how, when setting up a new installation, you get curious about some configuration value and you start digging through the documentation to figure out where the value might be set to find out what it is? and, as you are scrolling through the config file your eye is caught by some other bit of arcana, and you wonder what/why, which opens another rabbit hole of research and discovery. And then suddenly you notice you’ve lost two and a half hours on this, your pets are whingeing outside the door to be fed, and you have yet to cross off even one item on the setting-up-new-OS task list?

Yah, I have never ever done that before either. Ever.


AC / DC icon

Once upon a time in America there were two standards for producing electricity – AC and DC. Well, to be more accurate, there were two primary different methods, and each had dozens or potentially thousands of different specific standards for implementation. But the really important point, for this conversation, is that in the large scale of things at the time almost no one was using either method, because electricity was not available to anyone but weird hobbyists.

Which brings us to GNOME and KDE. Continue reading “GNOME and KDE”

OSM WordPress

I have this minor annoyance: I want to know what has changed before I upgrade things. OSM WordPress plugin has decided I cannot know what has changed unless I visit xyr website. That website attempts to digitally fingerprint my browser, use trackers, and display advertisements which may contain malware.

I am now a couple versions behind current. It is time to find a replacement tool which uses OpenStreetMap.