OSM WordPress

I have this minor annoyance: I want to know what has changed before I upgrade things. OSM WordPress plugin has decided I cannot know what has changed unless I visit xyr website. That website attempts to digitally fingerprint my browser, use trackers, and display advertisements which may contain malware.

I am now a couple versions behind current. It is time to find a replacement tool which uses OpenStreetMap.

Cloud Rules

This is just one of those exceptionally silly joys: I just discovered a solution (after YEARS of annoyance) to the inexplicable failure for the Calendar app to support events beginning in one timezone and ending in another (iow: air travel events.)

Nextcloud‘s Calendar app.

It has its own share of annoyances – particularly the Amero-centric inability to display week starting on Monday (or Saturday, or any other day than Sunday) and the one which really pisses me off: time is entered in a cute little grid of AM and PM. Really? no 24 hours? You really have to take up that much of my screen real estate to show me two 12 hour grids AND a grid of 5-minute increments?

But, under the start and end time is a little globe icon which allows one to enter – by city (again, massive fail on the UX) – the timezones of start and finish. Et voilà! it propagates to all my devices (since all their calendars are synced with my cloud.) And now my mac, once I turned on timezone support in the Calendar preferences, happily realizes that a flight originating in Vancouver (Pacific Timezone) will land in Minneapolis-St. Paul (Central Timezone) and it will get the times right.

Time sink tasks

An icon of a rolodex.
A colored Emoji from Noto project, released under Apache license. Via Commons.Wikimedia.Org

There are a few maintenance-type jobs which just seem to take forever. Work that never seems to show progress, or where the progress is erased in a very short time. Dusting, for example, or mowing the lawn.

Or testing the rolodex for lost relationships.

Currently I am, one at a time, sending out e-mail inquiries to those I have addresses for, checking to see if the address is still useful. And maybe creating or reviving certain relationships. Or maybe not.

Digital life is not really any less work; it is just slightly different from so-called real life.