US Green Economy growth

Under Obama’s watch the US Government stopped collecting data about the growing green economy in the USA[MSN]. But by 2016, when Trump won the election, researchers at University College London estimate 4% of citizens worked in the industry sector and supply chain, and it accounted for 1.3 trillion USD[Nature]. That is 20% growth from the time the US Department of Labor stopped tracking the industry in 2013, and the data used by the researchers in 2016 four years later, with an estimate 9.5 million FTE.

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A car damaged in a minor accident, showing door gapping and damage to frame.

The car-share driver who t-boned me basically tried to dart across a lane of traffic which he could not see. Lucky for me he had not gotten much speed, or I would not be writing this. Continue reading “!Steak”

Future care

I sometimes wonder if knowing something unpleasant is going to happen at a specific time and place, which you have organized and planned to ensure it happens to you, is a good idea. Maybe one should just set it in motion, and the people who are supposed to do it set up some sort of ambush.

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Not normal, and not okay

This is not a political rant, even though it is about a politician.

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The Fairphone[O] is a super-cool device which conscientiously sources its parts to avoid human exploitation and conflict minerals. But apparently this social consciousness in the supply chain cannot scale.

Which is really sad. Because the company’s inability to source enough material to even approach the public interest and demand suggests no other business should follow their practice – they will be in competition with Fairphone for what is clearly a very limited supply.

The first release was met with disappointment everywhere not in Europe—the product would not be sold elsewhere. When planning version 2 there was talk about a non-EU release. But at release Fairphone said not this time, but next time.

#FP3 is in pre-order, releasing ‘soon’. Fairphone will not be selling this one outside Europe either.

So a good idea runs aground on the reef of reality; despite massive demand, particularly in North America, the economies of scale invert.