September, 2001

I think I remember this evening, even though I am not in the photo. I do not know who took the picture, but then I had misremembered the date too – I thought this happened in 2000. If anyone recalls who took the photo, please comment so I can give credit where due! Link to full image.

Second quarter-century, one year in.

Twenty-five years ago it was all about the wrapping paper. In later years it was all about what was inside the wrapping, later it was how many things were wrapped. Eventually it was about choosing what would be wrapped. Now I think it is just the idea of things to be given.

Well, we have a couple things, currently unwrapped. We didn’t miss the day, just a lack of opportunity to give. But soon! I promise!

Remembering 1996

1996 was one of our major transitional years. Elizabeth was accepted to the Ph.D. program at the University of Washington in Seattle, and graduated from the University of Minnesota with her BSN. We had a flurry of family events related to the massive move across the continent, including the third “Cousin’s Birthday Party” in Viking, a wedding, a Thrun/Southerton/Carlson/Saewyc photo shoot, and finally loading the clan into the Ford Festiva for the cross-country move. The oldest kid started high school on Kitsap peninsula, middle kid entered the Early Entrance Program at the UofWA, and Elizabeth and he got used to taking the ferry/bus to school.

The youngest just sort of rolled with it.