Thank you Ameh Emeke Jnr!

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Trying to work behind the reverse proxy means using the /etc/hosts file to short-circuit DNS to get to the correct domain on the correct IP address before updating the reverse proxy server.

But all my sites have lived on SSL/TLS for years, and all used 301 redirects to teach browsers to never ask the non-encrypted schema, only the encrypted one. The servers behind the reverse proxy do not have the certificates, so the browser refuses to connect with them. Continue reading “Thank you Ameh Emeke Jnr!”


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I do not know why I appreciate it, but it sure is cool when someone much more knowledgeable than me says what I have been thinking about a topic.

Plasma mobile[O D] does seem to work better [than Phosh(D S)] but doesn’t run as well on slow devices


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208 lines in the ObjectTest.php. 15 lines in the class file. <facepalm>