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I do not know why I appreciate it, but it sure is cool when someone much more knowledgeable than me says what I have been thinking about a topic.

Plasma mobile[O D] does seem to work better [than Phosh(D S)] but doesn’t run as well on slow devices


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208 lines in the ObjectTest.php. 15 lines in the class file. <facepalm>

Scene change

When I first started coding *anything*, it was generally a team event with a lot of giggling and pimply-faced nerd humour, and the noise of the teletype hammering away. Later it was a solo affair with milk-crates loaded with cassettes providing a progressively stranger and louder mix of music, emphasis on strange. Slowly the lights and people and noise and stuph have been paring away – now even the quiet jazz is too distracting, and I miss my pre-dawn sessions before crawling into bed to ignore the normal humans.