Sky gradients

With a few clear days I have been able, once again, to enjoy one of the cool things about the view from this apartment – morning colour gradients before sunrise.

The view to the east is a vibrant glowing sky fading from a dark blue night overhead through pale blue to orange where the horizon is hidden behind a jagged silhouette of mountain peaks just picking up the colours at the crisp edges. The kind of colours and depths totally lost in a cellphone pic.

Sea fever

white sailboat with red foresail and beige mainsail

sea fever/siː ˈfivɚ/


  1. A condition of excitation or nervous energy due prolonged deprivation of time on the water. Like spring fever it may also manifest as the opposite – lassitude, listlessness. May have slow or acute onset; sometimes (rarely) fatal.

Wild weather, for Vancouver

A faint double to the bow. Copyright © 2018 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc

What is not quite visible or obvious, here, is that these cells were dumping intense rains, occasional hail. Downpours heavy enough to cause flooding is not a joking matter on the edges of mountains. Also, wet coast people get freaked out by noticeable weather events.