The Tolerance Paradox, and political speech

Cover for The Open Society and Its Enemies[A]. Via Commons.Wikimedia.Org
Academic freedom is a hard-fought and eminently defensible idea that one must – in the academic setting – allow all forms of thought and endeavor, even the study to support world views which may be morally repugnant. But, as philosophical and legal study have concluded, this has a limitation when it comes into conflict with the right of self-preservation.

This, in a nutshell, is the Paradox of Tolerance[en.WP].

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Baby sweaters

The past weeks I have been trying to be productive knitting-wise; for a variety of excuses I have not done particularly well.

But, despite all, I have two of three baby sweaters done, and here are the brag photos.

There is a third sweater on needles at the moment, and about ¼ of the way done; I have almost finished the yoke. It is yet another small variation on this theme. I should probably do a book about this pattern called 200 variations on a theme.