After weeks of false starts, there is a chance for me to get over to the island and splash the boat. But the insurance company is not open on the stat holiday, so I cannot get the license required to pull the trailer on the road. Continue reading “Augh!”

Boat canvas

Photo of a dodger's frame with vital measurements identified.
The important measurements when designing a dodger.

The single most-important upgrade we identified for our last boat was a . When beating to windward it gives you a spot out of the wind and spray. Motoring through a windless, rainy day keeps the rain out of the cabin while letting fresh air below. On a chill, damp morning you can slide open the companionway hatch without fear, and stand there sipping the morning caffeine, enjoying the silence. Continue reading “Boat canvas”


…just as a follow up to the last post, my application has arrived in their mail room. Not that I am anxiously following this process, or have the myriad of “where is my application in the process?” contact methods bookmarked. No, not that. Uh-uh. <fingers drum desktop>

Boat fantasies

Line drawing of the West Wight Potter 19 showing sail plan and accommodations.
A West Wight Potter 15 with bimini and cockpit tent.
Dodger, bimini, and cockpit tent seems almost necessary. Photos curtesy of Jim Borchert via West India, a West Wight Potter cobweb.

I have been considering and reconsidering all the things I would love to do with the West Wight Potter 19 . Two or three ideas which I think would do the most to make the boat a truly useful long-distance cruiser require substantial alteration to the cabin.

But then, thinking more about it, such changes are probably not a good idea. Continue reading “Boat fantasies”

No longer boatless

A color illustration of a small sailboat showing sails, rudder, and daggerboard as well as text with some dimensions of the craft, a West Wight Potter 19, signed by Brian Gilbert the illustrator.
Beautiful illustration of the West Wight Potter 19 by Brian Gilbert, used without permission (yet.)

Yesterday we drove down to the southern end of the Kitsap Peninsula to retrieve a little trailerable sailboat. It was more an adventure than initially planned with weather, schedules, and traffic all conspiring against us. Plus, of course, it is nearly Solstice, so here in the northern hemisphere it was dark when we left, got up to a brightness of gloomy, before retreating back to dark with regions of light-to-thick fog. Continue reading “No longer boatless”