Civic duties

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One of the responsibilities of a citizen, in Anglo-American judicial systems, is to participate, when requested, as a juror.

My number has come up in Marshall County, Minnesota. Continue reading “Civic duties”


…just as a follow up to the last post, my application has arrived in their mail room. Not that I am anxiously following this process, or have the myriad of “where is my application in the process?” contact methods bookmarked. No, not that. Uh-uh. <fingers drum desktop>

Agricultural vs. Urban seasons

A wall mural of a circular abstract face beaming on the city.
Photo credit: Daquella Manera, sourced from The Art Around Us on Flickr, originally sourced from Albus Cavus’s website (currently 404)

Increasingly disconnected from the natural rhythm of the year, people huddled in cities insist the the seasons begin and end at the solar points of the year, winter and summer solstices, spring and fall equinoxes.

In practice, the seasons are all about farming. Continue reading “Agricultural vs. Urban seasons”

Whether weather…

The view through a rain-spattered window of a deck and railing, and clouds and rain prevent seeing beyond 1 kilometre.

The first pseudo-real snow of the 2019-2020 winter, a cold and slushy day in Vancouver.

Nothing to do but stay inside and watch videos of sailboats in much warmer climes.

Boat fantasies

Line drawing of the West Wight Potter 19 showing sail plan and accommodations.
A West Wight Potter 15 with bimini and cockpit tent.
Dodger, bimini, and cockpit tent seems almost necessary. Photos curtesy of Jim Borchert via West India, a West Wight Potter cobweb.

I have been considering and reconsidering all the things I would love to do with the West Wight Potter 19 . Two or three ideas which I think would do the most to make the boat a truly useful long-distance cruiser require substantial alteration to the cabin.

But then, thinking more about it, such changes are probably not a good idea. Continue reading “Boat fantasies”