I have a plan!

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Not my schedule, just an exemplar.

…and other famous last words. Even so, I have tentatively plotted a schedule to address my several and diverse goals for the rest of this week. Assuming it survives the initial contact with the enemy (my ADD,) it may increase my productivity. Continue reading “I have a plan!”

Ginger Snaps recipe

Every so often I find something I am sure I really really wanted, but now I am not certain of the context.

This recipe, I am fairly sure, was given me by someone who happens to be a really great baker. If this is the one I think it is, they were absolutely wonderful and I nommed lots! So I am going to throw this up here in hopes I will a) not lose it, and b) feel compelled to make a batch of these real soon now if only to take pictures of them to post here. Continue reading “Ginger Snaps recipe”

Weather whether

I have been putting off going to the grocery store. Weather, and innate laziness.

Finally broke down to go get some soda pop, meal ingredients, milk… the usual “Not doing monthly groceries, just eeking it out until payday” type grocery shopping. Kind of nice slogging through slushy snow and ice as the temperature is hovering just about the freezing point.

But walking all those blocks back carrying a couple small bags and a 12 pack of cans reminded me I am old, and fat, and too lazy to stay in shape. My arms are on strike.

Brown sugar baked beans project

One of those supreme comfort foods, baked beans are marvellous in part because of their taste, in part because of how the house is warmed and smells delicious with hints of sweet and bacon, mustard and onion.

And all my recipes make enough to feed a houseful of boys.

So I started a project today: how to make a baked beans side-dish for two. Only two.

Today’s edition worked for size, but was lacking in taste. Which means… more attempts in the near future!

Why do you do it that way? – fresh sausage

Quite some time ago one of the kids asked me how I managed to cook fresh sausages so they were not tough or dry. We are talking about bratwurst or various other link sausage bought in a raw, uncooked state, not talking about bulk sausage.

Lunch! Copyright © 2019 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc

And, actually, it is kind of tricky to get them to come out juicy and tender, yet carmelized and cooked completely through. Continue reading “Why do you do it that way? – fresh sausage”