Inigo Montoya moment

If you have any need for punctuality when getting automotive body work done, do not use the services of Mercedes-Benz Collision of Richmond, BC.

[Draft discovered in the backlog from 5 November 2019]

Smart Car by Simon Child from the Noun Project – CC-by

One would think, with an A-grade brand like -Benz, that service would be accurate, swift, and honest, but thus far it has not been the case for me.

I brought in my Smart #ForTwo, a AG marque, shortly after the accident, as soon as I had the paperwork from the insurance company allowing the repairs to be made. After taking photos they sent me home to wait until they got approval, despite my already having gotten the necessary letter.

After a few follow-up calls they said they had approval and would order parts, should be a few days and they would call to have me bring the car back in. After two weeks I started calling again. Oh, the parts were on their way, had to be shipped from Germany supposedly. By this point I should have realized I was a low-priority task for them. But I prefer OEM service.

Finally I called them and they said the parts were in, I could bring the car in on Monday, which I did. The estimator told me it should take about 3-5 days for repairs, exactly as he said it might when we first spoke. But, as I explained to him then, I would be leaving the country for 10 days, which is why I had hoped they could could get it done in the 6 weeks between when I brought it in and my departure – now only 4 days away. Oh, he said, well, it would be ready when I got home.

Two weeks later, I call them up, home from my trip and in need of the car. No one could answer whether the car was done. They would have the estimator call me back. Nope. The receptionist called, the car was not ready, they hoped it would be ready by Friday, 5 days from now.

Not cool.

What it means is they have not done anything, and it is not in their shop schedule of repairs, so they will be trying to squeeze it in somehow. Likely I can expect a shit job done in a hurry. Probably lost the parts, too.

[Late note: Yes, indeed, it was a shit job, and it took many more days. “We found more problems when we opened it up.” Some of which were caused by the delay in getting service.]

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