Forgotten research

Birth card for Wilfred Jerome Gagne, 1905, amended 1959

[Another draft discovered in the backlog, from 14 September 2019]

A long time ago in a galaxy far different from ours today (a year and a half ago-ish) I managed to track down a small trove of birth certificates online, which I promptly sent to myself. And which I just received today ‘cuz, well, I am cleaning out my inboxes.

The problem is, at this remove, I am less sure of how I found them. They appear to be a fairly broad net – all the registered births with a certain surname in St. Louis county, . While there were a number of family relations in the county at the time, not all of these babies appear to be related.

All of the names I can confirm are related already existed in the family tree, but a surprising number had no dates at all, birth or death. They were just a name, probably discovered on a census record, or transferred without supporting evidence from another family tree. Normally we do not do that – at least the census should be documented, or some other record even if it is only the family tree in which they were recorded.

It is nice to have at least one event documented for them – their birth.

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