Communications addiction

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Apparently I am more addicted to communications than to phones.

[Originally written 28 Feb and somehow lost in the shuffle]

Two+ years ago my (then 5 years old) started dying. I looked around a bit and found a replacement, which I did not like but was reasonably inexpensive. When the phone finally died completely I did the switch, but the ‘new’ phone definitely had reception issues.

I lived with the reception problems until the pizza guy could not get into the building. The building access is tied to a phone number, of course, and when I could not receive the call (while sitting within sight of the antenna farm that supposedly is used by my carrier) they took that back to the kitchen. The next day I went in search of a cheap dumb phone with great reception.

Which turned out to be the Alcatel go-flip-whatever model. But it was not quite dumb enough. It uses KaiOS, a minimal operating system under heavy development in California and now being used in all kinds of devices which really should not have a full-on OS. Sure enough, it was a needless complication which, about 5 weeks ago, corrupted the phone calls/messages database(s?) so I could no longer find incoming messages or correctly determine who had called when.

And I could not figure out how to factory reset the phone (or, at least, what I did had no effect.)

Again, I can live with this most of the time, since it could still receive calls. Until one of the kids sent me a text and I could not figure out what was said (and only figured out who it was by a process of elimination.) That was a point too far.

Two days later I am the not-at-all happy owner of a new phone (not my first choice device, which would have allowed me to take it apart, but the OEM website is rejecting all attempts to purchase it.) What I got should certainly work for the tasks, but of course it includes a ton of … features, we will call them features … which I neither want nor will use.

Clearly my addiction to being in touch with the kids is stronger than my ideology.

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