about these minor distractions…

Some of you may have noticed we sort of fell off the internet. This is not quite true. A few things came up to distract us.

For example, I have been on Vancouver Island for, now, 3 nights. This would be exciting at most any time, but in fact the reason I am here is… drumroll…


See, one of our is a neutered male. They often develop tiny deposits in the bladder, think kidney sand instead of kidney stones, which doe not fit down the under-developed urethra, a condition called Feline Urinary Syndrome (FUS.) The most common treatment is a special diet low in the minerals/salts that form those deposits.

Our other has developed mega colon. That’s basically a permanently stretched colon, leaving her increasingly prone to constipation and, if unchecked,  fecal impaction. She needs a special diet high in fibre and stool-softening materials.

If you have ever tried to keep two cats from eating each other’s food, well, then you should be empathetic. BUT! we found a source, on the island, of a catfood which is BOTH urinary AND constipation treating. So we usually order cases of the stuff once a month or so. Which I did.

A West Wight Potter 19's masthead, showing the wind indicator and a sail with barely enough wind to fill it.
Masthead with barely enough breeze to sail a broad reach. Copyright © 2020 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc.

I also launched the little and sailed it to a marina in a little bay somewhat near the kids’ house. This will (I hope) reduce some of the stress of trying to arrange two or more schedules so I can work on/sail the boat.

Now, since the food was expected to be delivered on Monday, and things got weirdly stressful on Thursday, I jumped a ferry on Saturday to spend a couple days on the boat. Monday I hoped to be picking up the food and hopping a ferry back. But instead I waited until they called in the afternoon to say the truck was delayed until Tuesday.

Well, how terrible. Another night on the boat.

Actually, to be fair, the first night was pretty awful – not far off freezing, and no heat whatsoever on the boat made for not a huge amount of sleep. Night two was better; I had electricity to the boat, so the space heater was able to keep me warm, but it is not the most comfortable of sleeping arrangements. Tonight I am trying a slightly different set up, hoping to keep both my feet and my head warm rather than one or the other like last night.

So, in addition to such important distractions, there were a couple of others, like not having water (or milk) for tea. And , which has taken over my partner’s life/brain/career.

I am half-hoping the province will announce a shelter-in-place order forcing me to set up permanent residence aboard the boat. Not because I am especially enamored of living aboard this particular example of sailing craft, but because I have managed to go sailing twice already, and I am hoping for a third early tomorrow morning before the food truck arrives. Proximity is essential to actually getting time in on the water, in my opinion.

But, whether or no, I plan to return as soon as I can arrange it, after getting this next month’s worth of catfood back home.

So don’t expect another blog posting tomorrow.

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