Boat canvas

Photo of a dodger's frame with vital measurements identified.
The important measurements when designing a dodger.

The single most-important upgrade we identified for our last boat was a . When beating to windward it gives you a spot out of the wind and spray. Motoring through a windless, rainy day keeps the rain out of the cabin while letting fresh air below. On a chill, damp morning you can slide open the companionway hatch without fear, and stand there sipping the morning caffeine, enjoying the silence.

But they do not come free. Nor do they design, build, and install themselves.

So right now I am exploring the possibilities, requesting quotes, and trying to figure out how to stretch the budgets to get one as soon as possible. Could I make one myself? maybe, but would it actually save any money? Well, that requires knowing what having it built for us would cost.

And getting mildly distracted along the way by the idea of a full cockpit enclosure to stay out of the sun, out of the rain. Even to sleep out there and not be eaten alive by mosquitos. Oh the possibilities!

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