Winter and thinking about travel

I think there is something about cold and dim and snow (and rain) which makes most of us think of a change of scenery. Or of hunkering down in front of a fireplace with an entire pot of hot cocoa.

I am a little of both.

Last year we had plans to do a little traveling as a couple. Elizabeth gets plenty of miles for work, but it is awfully nice when we can get a little bit of time for both of us. And we did! We got three days together traveling to see the middle son (we went our separate ways after – me flying home (eventually) while she carried on to Europe.)

There were repeated plans for a stay-cation in Vancouver’s oh-so-brief warm season. But work issues arose which precluded any actual holidaying.

City view from a tower window in Montréal, cloudy sky and wet buildings
Montréal, Québec, Canada, breakfast view. Copyright © 2019 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc

But there was another trip in the fall which was rather more extended, and really still about her work travel – I met her in Washington D.C. for a formal event, then we drove to Montréal where she had a conference, so really we had just a pair of days for ‘holiday‘. Still it was a lot of fun, and we had breakfast each morning near the top of the glass canyons of the city.

We had made plans for me to join her on a somewhat extended conference in Italy Summer of 2020, but some financial priorities changed. Instead I will be catching a ride for a much shorter event in San Diego in a month and a half. I am assured it is somewhat warmer there, and perhaps there will be sun.

Which is what I am thinking of now, in a chilly apartment which does not even have milk for the making of hot cocoa.