Civic duties

Copyright © 2013 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc

One of the responsibilities of a citizen, in Anglo-American judicial systems, is to participate, when requested, as a juror.

My number has come up in Marshall County, Minnesota.

I certainly do not mind this. I would actually like to participate. The problem is distance and time. While on jury duty I need to make myself available on demand and, well, there are a couple thousand kilometres between me and the courthouse.

So now I am involved in trying to get myself out of the current jury pool. It seems odd that I have had to jump quite a few hurdles to maintain my voting status in the USA (I am required to register every year, unlike the average citizen back home who, for the most part, never registers to vote except when doing so) and then, because I have voting status as a non-resident, I have to somehow prove that I am a non-resident again in order to not be in trouble over jury duty.

But it is my responsibility to do this, one of the many small things we do to keep our country functioning.

Particularly distressing, though, with the mockery of justice happening in the national capitol.