Gardening woes

A cat-chewed leafy plant in an odd planter of cubes with a glass dome by a window
The abused plant. Copyright © 2020 Wayne and Elizabeth Saewyc

We are not, in fact, torturing this poor plant to death.

Instead, we are trying to save it from our cats!

Tortue, who dearly loves his salads, tried to eat this poor thing. I have done what I can to protect it from his tender attentions by putting it under the big cloche. Unfortunately, the plant is rather too tall to fit under the glass unless I build up a wall high enough to give it room to breath – using the fun 6-in-one puzzle cubes.

Now it sits on the window sill desperately trying to get enough sunlight to recover from the mauling. And it does seem to maybe be getting better. Hopefully Spring will arrive soon enough.