My most popular internet property…

…is the family tree.

This is fine, but it is mildly amusing that 90% of the time spent on the multiple websites and services I have running (other than myself, that is,) is people to whom we are probably related.

And not one of them has asked to join the site, which would give them access to the thousands of documents and images discovered while doing this research. I am trying to support every fact or event in the family tree with evidence, and I assume others are doing the same.

But all I see is people showing up, looking at a few dozens of pages. Sometimes I see them working their way backward, one individual and generation at a time. Probably copying the dates and fact as though I were some perfect historian and not a fallible human just like them.

The site is riddled with errors, mistakes, exaggerations, and creation myths. I keep finding and correcting them; that is why it is a hobby. I wish other people were more critical, too.

And sometimes I wish they would take the time to say Hi!, since we appear to be related.