It is winter. It is winter and I want to work on a little boat. It is winter and I want to work on a little boat, and where possible I want to ‘buy local’. And the first thing I want to buy local is a heater, but the only portable electric heater made in Canada I can find is not for sale in Canada.

Even the OEM website only sells to US postal codes in US dollars.

Okay, I found the product on, and yes I ordered it from there. But really, a Canadian-manufactured (I hope) product which only sells in the USA is pretty lame. The product is rather widely available in the USA, in fact, and appears to be well-reviewed by a range of sites and people. I just cannot get it locally.

The cheapest price is about 50 miles south of me in Bellingham, at Home Depot. There is a Home Depot less than a mile from me. I cannot even order it to be delivered to the store, and then walk over and pick it up.

Some of the other products by this company are available here, just not this heater which is at least partially aimed specifically at the marine market. (This actually confuses me: it’s an electric heater. How many boats not at the dock have 110v AC power? apparently enough, or apparently enough boats are at the dock to make it worth targeting a heater for them. To be fair, one of the reasons is this heater has a near-freezing thermostat to kick it on as the temperatures drop down toward hard frost, perfect for engine rooms of boats not yet winterized.)

Anyway, now I get to wait a week for the product to get here from wherever it is Amazon keeps it in a warehouse. Probably from the USA, since if it were in Canada it would be delivered in two days.

And then I will go work on the little boat.