Knitting distractions

Icon of knitting needles in a ball of yarn

I have a queue of knitting projects on needles and in need of a lot of focused time and attention. So of course I have my first real issues with the auto, and its lack of .

Worst is that the whole problem is likely my own fault. I left a phone on the cigarette charger in the car overnight. This is a phone which autodetects if it should be sharing electricity or drawing electricity, which argues with the plug-in charger, which somehow managed to draw down the car battery so low it kicked itself off.

That resulted in the battery no longer accepting a charge, even when I tried to jump it with a rather large Lion booster.

Which means the battery must be replaced. A smart car has a very odd front end arrangement, and accessing the battery and its tie-down was a challenge, and involved some aluminum torx bolts of sizes I did not own.

Now it is an interesting fact the local big-box store carefully maximizes its profits. The right-sized torx tool is only sold as parts of tool kits. The ultimately cheap version kit was $17, but required a longish extension and a ratchet, which came out to $75-ish when purchased separately. But in a kit of 85 tools would cost about $80-ish. But then the very nice tools version of the kit, only 70 tools, would cost only $20 more…

So I blew over $100 getting the tools to unbolt the battery from the car.

At which point I discovered that to remove the battery from the car requires taking apart the front end. Really. The c-frame and the carriage bar are 16.5 cm apart, the battery is 18+ cm deep. I was willing to remove a few minor bits to get the battery out, but way too much stuff is hanging off the carriage bar – radiator, air conditioner, various sensors, etc.

Now I need to put it all back together, and get the car towed out of the garage and down to the dealer’s shop.

And it means I did not finish knitting all the pieces this weekend as planned. I have front and back, one sleeve half done. So close!