Is amusing. Not.

The past couple of weeks have been pre-empted by health care, mostly dental. Some big, some small, and I really wish I were off this merry-go-round already.

So, after a wee bit of good news, I went in to have a tooth extraction and bone graft in preparation for an eventual pair of implants. The molar required sectioning, and each root dug out one at a time. We will just skip over the gory bits (and they really were gory) and say it was a horrible time, as expected.

Recovering from that is slow. Too slow. Like, months ahead of me. But as part of the reconstruction I need some orthodontia applied within the same quadrant, this time pushing a tooth up into my skull to make room for the future replacement teeth. I can now state with authority that applying constant force to thrust a tooth up into your sinuses is not as uncomfortable as having it ripped out by the roots, and having both happen at the same time is worse than either singly.

Plus home life is a bit more insanely hectic than usual as partner is flying out again, car repairs are incomplete, issue management half a continent away, and a metric ton of project tasks.

The only thing worse than life is not life, neh? whinge whinge whinge…