Feeling bad, and annoyed about it

When we came home from holiday, our neighbor’s car was back in its usual spot, and plugged into our outlet.

I know this is an issue for them; their landlord did not install *any* outlet in their parking place. They have a newish electric car, and I am sure it really sucks to go searching for a charge rather than parking at home. And this is not a good city for that, either.

Each parking stall can have an outlet, or a car charging station, if the owner ponied up the money for it. It is an expense because each has to be separately wired to the meter for the appropriate unit in the building – someone has to pay for the electricity after all.

And I think using an electrical vehicle is really cool! I would happily have discussed a charging arrangement with them. I am betting their car uses less than a couple bucks per charge, call it $40-$50 a month; I would be fine with that. All they needed to do was broach the subject with me.

But it is also clear they very deliberately were stealing my electricity. And were taking steps to prevent us from discovering this theft. We only discovered it because we returned before they expected us.

So I put locks on our electrical boxes, wimpy ones that most anyone could twist out of there if they really felt like it.

Tonight they were backing in to the parking spot as I got in. Then they delayed while I parked and headed straight upstairs. They probably discovered the lock as I was getting into the elevator. I came down an hour later to get things out of the vehicle – their car was no longer in the parking spot.

And I am feeling guilty about it. But all I did was stop them from stealing from me.