Mont-Royal is about 150 m vertical from our hôtel. That includes a lot of shallow steps, and a rather long detour as part of the route was closed due the crazy wind/rain storm experienced on Hallowe’en. I even got involved in a tiny bit of trail clean up, removing a trunk and branches blocking one of the side routes on the way back down.

Both and have borrowed this wonderful word from ; it indicates a view point, a ‘beautiful view’. The Kondiaronk belvédère is a broad structure able to hold hundreds attached to the chalet near the summit. It is constantly busy, very popular with us tourists and, it seems, the Montréalais. The interesting name was given in 1998 following its restoration; it is named for one of the prominent historic leaders of the Huron-Wendat Nation, architect of the Great Peace of éal of 1701[fr.WP en.WP].