Decision-making cascades

A colleague has moved back to the region due to a challenging pregnancy. So we are about to go purchase hiking shoes in Montréal.

Here is how it works: I tend to knit baby sweaters for my partner’s work colleagues’ babies. This particular baby was not on my radar. These sweaters are relatively quick to knit, but not the somewhat-cheating 8 hour type using rather heavy yarns. I base my pattern on the Top-down Baby Raglan cardigan, and I try to make each one slightly unique – different yarns, different stitch patterns, etc.

But, I am away from home. On holiday in Montréal for a couple days, in fact. But I know of a couple yarn stores here; my favourite is La Maison Tricotée, where I got my perfect scissors a few years back. It happens to be about 4.5 km from the hotel.

I did not bring my rather-worn-out hiking shoes. I have dress shoes, and wimpy slip-ons which are an odd cross between a loafer and a tennis shoe. The latter are fine for short walking, mall walking, but even a brief hike of a few km is really too much.

So we are going to go buy replacements for my regular hikers, so I can walk to the yarn store, to buy a baby sweater kit (3.25 and 3.75 mm both double-pointed needles and circular, and about 100 gm of sport weight yarn), and then I will spend all my down time planning/knitting the new sweater.

A lovely addition to the vacation, actually.