The car-share driver who t-boned me basically tried to dart across a lane of traffic which he could not see. Lucky for me he had not gotten much speed, or I would not be writing this.

Nearly a month and a half later, the little Smart ForTwo is only just now about to get its repairs. The shop called today to tell me the parts (some from Germany) have just gotten in, so they can now reserve shop time and get it in. Of course I am about to be traveling, next week, which complicates things.

Monday morning at 8 a.m. I will be dropping the car off. They keep trying to convince me to rent a car (which gets added to the insurance claim, which eventually costs me more money in increased insurance premiums… and is completely unnecessary since I have a little pickup truck which will let me scoot around until the repairs are completed.)

Anyway, since I will be away for a wee bit that should let them proceed at a leisurely pace, which they have made clear they would prefer to do since this is not going to bring in a big chunk of money to them. I have never understood this attitude. “Oh, the little jobs which don’t make much money, we’ll delay and procrastinate…” Look at your spreadsheet, silly! that means more hours wasted on this low-hourly-rate job. Instead you should be busting to get this one done in the least time, to keep that hourly return as high as possible.

Go slow (and do a great job) on the super cars and luxury vehicles; for cheapos like mine, get it out the door and off the lot in the least amount of time possible.

Me, I am just glad the other driver did not kill me.  Tee-bone accidents are extremely scary.