Silliness ~= more work

So I got in a hurry and, while reformatting a usb stick for a new use, erased the boot partition of my laptop.


There were a few things I could have done to recover it. But the reality is I had been thinking things were getting a bit flaky and it was probably about time to re-install software anyways.

Because all the important stuff is kept on my cloud, which means I have three or more redundant copies of everything on various types of hardware, I no longer worry about this sort of screw-up. I know that, once I have an install usb stick built, I can be back at work within, oh, a half-hour or so. I did not sweat this.

I fired up the box with a random OS on a stick I had lying about, started downloading PureOS, installed Balena Etcher so it would be ready to go once the .iso completed, and caught up on a bit of news.

And played way too much solitaire.  Restarted the stalled download. Twice. Messed with some networking issues. Chatted via the phone. Drove to pick up a package from FedEx who somehow cannot figure out how to deliver to the apartment.

Just a slight comment here that Purism maintains some capillary-like intartubes. It took near 6 hours to get a 1.5 GB file. Apparently they have never heard of p2p or smth.

Anyway, once the OS was finally dl, and burnt onto the usb, it took less than 30 minutes before I was working again. Okay, right after that I had a facepalm moment when I realized I am going to have to hook up each of the little Raspberry Pi units to a screen and keyboard in order to update the ssh keys – the one thing I had not remembered to back up to the cloud.

Something I have already fixed, this time.