Future care

I sometimes wonder if knowing something unpleasant is going to happen at a specific time and place, which you have organized and planned to ensure it happens to you, is a good idea. Maybe one should just set it in motion, and the people who are supposed to do it set up some sort of ambush.

More dental care in the nearish future.

It is not that I dread going to the dentist, although I do, in this case it is that I am getting prepped for another implant. Oral surgery is never fun. Removing a tooth, opening up the gum to add bone graft, and spending weeks healing up so they can insert a metal anchor into the bone… it is all a bit horrifying.

Not to mention rather particularly uncomfortable.

But I wonder if knowing when it will happen, and ghoulishly counting down the days and hours, is more torturous than the experience itself. “Oh, gosh, I will be in agony in 3 weeks, 1 day, and about 16 hours. And then spitting blood and gobbets of clot for a couple days.”

Or maybe it is the timing, with things schedule far too near Hallowe’en.