Just to document an experiment

A tin of Hormel's oven-roasted turkey SPAM.

Yesterday I wasted a bit of time clicking the ‘unsubscribe’ link for all the supposedly legitimate companies who spam me, and whose e-mails I never see because I use spam blockers. Let us see who actually follows the legally-required unsubscribe process?

Today I unsubscribed from:

    • Best Buy
    • Butler Did It catering (survey required – constant contact)
    • Cirque du Soleil
    • Drew’s Catering and Events (constant contact)
    • Hudson’s Bay (survey required)
    • John L. Scott (survey required)
    • Lake Pepin Floral (only offered single-list unsubscribe – constant contact)
    • Marriott
    • Microsoft (hid the ‘no marketing contact’ on another page)
    • Mountain View Dodge (survey required – constant contact)
    • Terminix (‽)

Mind, this is only a small sample of the crap in my spambox, the ones I felt most likely to be legitimate corporations. Since I am , slowly but steadily, I decided to set up a new ‘use for probable spam’ e-mail. But, you know, those are kind of valuable. So I installed a burner e-mail script.

A burner e-mail is a temporary forwarding e-mail address. You tell it to where you want the mail forwarded, and decide on the name for the temporary, and how long it will forward to you. Some will forward X number of messages, this one will forward all e-mails for X amount of time.

EDIT: and, over the first 24 hours, Cirque du Soleil, Microsoft, Marriot, and the flower shop continued spamming. It is possible this will change over the next 24 hours.