Funkwhale on an RPi

I have this fantasy of a website which can stream my collection of audio and video media to whatever device I happen to be using which has reasonably decent . This would break my dependence on having largish storage  attached to the platforms I am using, or having a cd/dvd player (and the library of discs) to hand.

My latest attempt resulted in an install of Airsonic via . This is a great project, and I expect it may eventually eclipse its forebears. But, at the moment at  least, it does not stream video well. On the other hand, the installation process was stellar – a quick install from the commandline on the raspberry pi and it was done in a couple minutes, just needing some minor in-browser configuration and then upload some content.

(That revealed a potential problem in this plan: apparently the RPi 3B+ can only handle USB drives up to 2TB, and my big external is 5TB.)

What I want to try next is a project named Funkwhale. This is a reasonably complex software, and I would like to try to get it running via Docker. I want to do that primarily to reduce the amount of things I need to know to get it running, but I have to admit I have an unreasonable prejudice against .

Anyway, the instructions[and] seem to be relatively straightforward for a recipe-style install on hardware. We shall see how successful I am – it is currently building on the device.

real	23m58.637s
user	0m1.116s
sys	0m0.338s

Not terrible for a tiny little computer.